Terms and conditions

In agreement with the Code of Ethics of ISH, I declare to abide by the following :


Members should at all times remain aware of their signed undertaking to use hypnosis only for those purposes for which they are professionally qualified and within the strict limitations of their professional work. This implies that those members who use hypnosis for some clinical or therapeutic purpose should have undertaken, or be undertaking, a professional qualification in that therapy recognised by the Health Service, Social Services or Department of Education of their country. Members should only use hypnosis in their work if, and as far as, this is compatible with the rules of their professional association and the terms of reference of their work. They should restrict their use of hypnosis to those problems for which they would be recognized as qualified to undertake within the Health Service, Social Services or Department of Education of their country. In registering for this congress I agree to abide by this code.


Furthermore I declare to attend the congress in my own responsibility. Cancellations only can be sent in writing (email or letter) before july, 10th 2015. For cancellations till july 10th 2015 we charge a cancellation fee of EUR 30. After that date no refunds are made. If the registration payment is not made in due time according to the price dates for each deadline, the responsive price valid at the time of payment has to be paid. If there are cancellations of parts or the whole congress due to unpredictable circumstances like weather, volcano eruptions in Iceland, strikes or other political problems the organizers cannot be made responsible. Your registration is confirmed by your reception of the invoice for the congress.

CFHTB contact

CFHTB, 22 rue de la Bouquinière, 44000 Nantes – France amelie@cfhtb.org – www.cfhtb.org