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Registered at the Préfecture of Département Vaucluse – Published in Journal Officiel 15 May 1996
Modified by GM 4 October 2003 – Published in Journal Officiel 17 April 2004
Modified by GM 28-29 January 2012 – Published in Journal Officiel 18 August 2012

Article 1

An association is founded under the provisions of the 1st July 1901 law and 16 August 1901 decree between the undersigned of these articles of association. The name of the Association is CONFEDERATION FRANCOPHONE D’HYPNOSE ET DE THERAPIES BREVES.

Article 2

The objects for which the association is founded are:
To represent and promote our therapeutic approaches (in the fields of medecine, psychology and psychotherapy) towards the medical profession, the public authorities and the general public.
The harmonization and setting up of coherent training programmes in hypnosis. This harmonization should take into account the specificity of the French language with regard to similar activities carried out abroad.
The setting up of a members network with the help of the confederated associations.
The organization of seminars, colloquiums, congresses and collaboration with other organisations sharing similar aims, whether in France or abroad.

Article 3

The domicile of the association is at Thierry SERVILLAT’s address, 22 rue de la Bouquinière, F – 44000 – Nantes France.

Article 4

The association active members are the associations working in the field of hypnosis and brief therapies.
Article5: Membership admission
Admission to membership is decided by the General Assembly. Sponsorship by three different institutes is required. Membership becomes effective if 75% of present or represented members are in favour of it. Admission can be refused should three institutes veto it.
Article 6: Membership
Active members are the associations previously agreed by the General Assembly and having duly paid their subscription fee. First year subscription fee amounts to 153 Euros.

Article 7

The membership shall be terminated by:

  • Members resignation
  • Dissolution of the member association
  • Automatically in the case of non payment of yearly subscription
  • Expulsion by AGM in case of severe breach of regulations, the member being previously invited by registered mail to stand before the Board and defend him/herself.

Article 8

The resources of the association are made up of:
Subscription fees, donations, subsidies (local authorities, councils, regions, state, corporate, associations, foundations), fees for conferences and seminars held by the association, sales from books, brochures, audio and video material or any other existing or future information medium.
The confederation is entitled to use its working capital to finance its activities.

Article 9

Annual General meeting
The AGM is composed of two members of each confederated association (physically present or represented). No presence quorum is necessary. The General Assembly shall meet at least once a year. The chairman shall read the annual moral report and the treasurer the financial report and the passing or final discharge of accounts shall be voted. The Board shall be renewed every second year by the General Assembly.
Decisions are taken by simple majority. In the event of litigations, the vote of the Chairman shall have precedence. The secretary shall send an invitation to the AGM at least 15 days before the AGM.

Article 10

Extraordinary General Meeting
The EGM can be called by the Chairman upon demand from at least one third of members. The secretary shall invite members to the GM at least 15 days before the assembly.

Article 11

The Board shall take care of the management of the confederation. The board shall consist of at least 8 members coming from member associations and have at least one Chairman and one treasurer.

Article 12

In case of dissolution, decided by at least two thirds of the association members (present or represented) at the General Meeting, one or several liquidators shall be appointed by the AGM, or assets, if available, shall be devolved according to the provisions of article 9 of the 1st July 1901 law and 16 August 1901 decre.