Manfred Prior (Germany)

MiniMax-Interventions in Therapy, Counselling and Coaching



MiniMax-Intervention means minimal intervention with maximal effect.

MiniMax-Interventions are :

  • easily describable
  • easily learnable
  • as subtle as possible (this reduces possible resistance)
  • useful to therapists and counselors from all schools of psychotherapy
  • suitable to be used in almost every session

Systematically used in the context of good psychotherapy of all schools, these minimal interventions can form an important contribution to make the therapeutic process significantly more effective.

In this workshop Manfred Prior will demonstrate and train these interventions in a way, that you can immediately use them in the very next session.

Minimax-Interventions is also the title of a best-selling book of Manfred Prior in Germany. This book sold unbelievable 150.000 copies in Germany and every month it is around 1000  copies more. The book is translated into Spanish, French, Czech and recently even sold to a Korean publishers.
Manfred Prior in this pre-con workshop is the first time teaching this highly interesting material in France.



Date : august, 26th

Schedule : 9:00-17:30

Place : Congress Center, Porte Maillot