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JulieLindenPhotoERRATUM : Julie Linden Keynote – friday, august, 28th, from 17:45 to 18:15

The Culture of Gender – a hypno-anthropologic perspective on hypnotic communication

Hypnotic communication is the subject of much investigation and discussion among practitioners. Its long history is ripe with perspectives from many experts about the patient-therapist interaction. Attention to the entrance of women into the field of psychology and the practice of hypnosis provides yet another lens. The culture of gender, from intrapsychic to international will be discussed with focus on the elements of the 5E’s model of Feminist hypnotherapy and what it may mean for future practice and research.



ERRATUM : Katalin Varga – thursday, august, 27th, from 09:30 to 10:00

Phenomenological analysis of hypnotic Interaction

In this address I will summarize research data on the phenomenology of hypnotic interaction: the subjective involvement both the hypnotist and the subject in the process.

These data imply that hypnosis can be considered as a very special human interaction, modelling the most important intimate relationships of life (see on this Bányai’s theory of hypnosis).

Based on our data collected in the past 30 years with healthy subject and hypnotists in laboratory sessions we propose a new type of interactional synchrony: attunement to each other on the phenomenological level. As this seems to be independent from the hypnotic susceptibility of the participants, a new, independent layer of hypnotic interaction is described.

The lecture briefly touches some of the interactional aspects of healing, connecting the fields of affective psychology and hypnosis research with two applied areas: medical communication and perinatal sciences.


Keywords: interactional synchrony, hypnotic interaction, phenomenological analysis

This address was supported by the Hungarian Scientific Research Funds (OTKA K81466 and K100845)