Stefano Colombo (Switzerland)

 Hypnosis : the garden of meetings


The hypnotic trance is a favored space and time. The metaphor of the incubator underlines the protection, support and continuous change. It is the relation therapist – patient’s reflect.

Therapist can accompany the patient in an even more intimate space with this metaphor. This space is the garden of the meeting, that where the patient meets oneself.

Are they two? Is there halving of the person? What way are they going to take? What suggestions are they going to accompany them?

We shall see how the trance, with and without regression in age, opens the gate of this garden allowing the patient to exceed a difficult time of his life, to overcome the feeling to be lost, to see and feel the life.



Date : august, 26th

Schedule : 9:00-17:30

Place : Congress Center, Porte Maillot